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RSS Security Awareness tip

  • Anti-Virus
    Make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your computer and that it is automatically updating. However, keep in mind that no anti-virus can catch all malware; your computer can still be infected. That is why it's so important you use common sense and be wary of any messages that seem odd or suspicious. […]

Learn the Terms

Keeping up with technical terms can be a struggle.

Review our Glossary of Terms to learn more.


  • Case-Sensitive

    Generally applies to a data input field; meaning that lowercase and uppercase letters are not equivalent, for example, entering “APP” would be read differently than “app”.

  • CBT

    Computer based training; any course of instruction whose primary means of delivery is a computer. Often delivered via a software product installed on a computer.

  • CD-R Drive

    Short for Compact Disk-Recordable drive, it is a type of disk drive that can create CD-ROMs and audio CDs.

  • CD-ROM

    Stands for Compact Disc Read-Only Memory. A CD that can be read in a computer with an optical drive. These discs cannot be altered or erased.

  • CD-RW, CD-R Disk

  • CGI

  • Chat

  • Client Application

  • Client Server Technology

  • Cloud



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